About Us


Supron Mukomla

Director and Founder of the school and since 1997. Supron studied Ancient scriptures in Thailand prior to her certification by the BPPE.

Supron became interested in massage at an early age when she discovered that she had a predisposition toward the healing arts. She pursued a rigorous training program in Thailand to advance her skills, and has been practicing and teaching Thai massage for over 15 years. During this time, she has trained hundreds of practitioners in the arts of Thai Classical and Medical Massage.

She is also an artist and the school is decorated with her paintings, which are also available for purchase.

Boonsong Somjit (Song)

Born in Thailand, Song began studying Buddhism and meditation in a Buddhist temple at age 14. In 2004, he moved to California to teach Meditation and Buddhism.

Song studied Western and Eastern massage styles both in Thailand and in the US. He continues to learn deeper understanding treat the mind and body.

Song is a CAMTC Massage Therapist from the School of Medical Thai Massage and is a Certified Nurse Assistant.

Johnny (Akhapan Songbandit)

For twenty years he practiced massage in Thailand specializing in the training of Thai Boxers. He later moved to the US and is certified in San Francisco as a Massage practitioner.

Other Massage Therapists

These massage therapists practice, but do not teach here.


Growing up in Udon Thani Thailand, Jit learned massage from a local healer and worked as a childbirth massage therapist. She later moved to Hong Kong and worked as a massage therapist for four years before eventually moving to the Bay Area in 2000. In 2004, she began working for School of Traditional Medical Thai Massage. Jit has over 40 years of experience as a professional massage therapist!


Oi has 15 years experience in Thai massage. A graduate of the Wat Po school in Bangkok, Oi also studied in the School of Traditional Thai Massage. Oi is CAMTC certified by the state of California. Experienced in Western and Eastern styles.

Oi is available weekends only.