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We offer students a full 500 hours of course work in Medical Thai Massage, including theory and extensive hands-on training. We offer introductory courses and a wide range of courses for more experienced practitioners of medical Thai massage therapists.

Because our school is also a center for the latest research in the field, our courses are constantly evolving, as we incorporate the latest research and techniques into the art of Thai Medical Massage.

Summer School Courses July through August.

Certification Courses | Class Schedule | Class Fee | Instructors | 2012 Catalog (PDF)

Certification Courses

Level I. Body Massage (150 hours) See Course Outline/Schedule | See Daily Class Schedule

Two different styles of Traditional Thai Massage are taught.

Nuad Paan Boran
Sometimes referred to as Northern Style or Thai Yoga Massage. Nuad Paan Boran is used for relaxation, stretching, and healing. Various parts of the practitioner's body may be used to massage the client.
Also referred to as Royal Style Thai Massage, Raachatsomnak is used for healing and The Traditional Medical Thai Massage School teaches the basics of this style for later learning of Jop Sen in levels 2 and 3.

Level II. Pain Relief and Foot Massage (100 hours)

Teachings of the ancient stone carvings.

Jop Sen
From the carvings in Wat Pho, students will learn to read and study the ten main lines. Fifty common places of pain can be healed using various healing points (some from the stone carving and some from Thongchai Onnom, a former teacher of Wat Pho).

Level III. Thai Massage Practicum / Supervised Internship (250 hours)

Students will develop an acute sense of the body and learn to find areas of pain in the body from the feet. The points of the body are to be known offhand and applied during a regular massage session. The two different styles of Thai massage must be put together in a way suitable for the different body types of clients.

The Practicum Class involves clinic work open to students at 10:00 AM with the last possible appointment starting at 7:00 PM all days of the week. Hours can also be obtained outside the school, with approval from the teacher. Practicing in San Francisco requires an approved Massage Permit, which students must obtain from the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

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Class Schedule

Level I. Body Massage (150 hours)
Ongoing (Click here for schedule)
Level II. Pain Relief and Foot Massage (100 hours)
Ongoing (call for schedule)
Level III. Practicum / Supervised Internship (250 hours)


Sunday class hours are 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM.

All classes are Monday-Thursday from:

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
1:00 PM -  4:00 PM
6:00 PM -  9:00 PM

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Application Fee (non-refundable): $100.00 — apply now
Level I - Body Massage:

Jul 09 — Aug 10, $1000

Level II- Pain Relief and Foot Massage:

Aug 13 — Aug 31, $1500 (by Supron only)

Levels I & II- Pain Relief and Foot Massage:

Aug 13 — Aug 31, $2000 (by Supron)

Thai Massage Practicum / Supervised Internship: $4,500.00

* please see refund policy in the school catalog (PDF)

Donation based Classes

Wed, 6:00—9:00 PM.

Description: 15 min meditation, followed by 15—30 min explanation, followed by 2—2.5 h hands-on Jop Sen to cover one of the 50+ basic pain areas (neck, shoulders, etc).

Hygiene matters! Please be clean, with washed feet and hands.

No certificate is available for donation-based classes.

Summer courses are taught at our new location: 4300 Geary st 7th and 8th (map).


  • Supron Mukomla
  • Boonsong Somjit (Song)
  • Akaphan (Johnny)
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