Our Mission
by Supron Mukomla, Master Healer and School Founder

When I was small girl growing up in Thailand, I discovered that I had a wonderful gift. I could wade into the river, put my hand in the water, and then if I watched and listened, very quietly and very intently, I found that my hand would be magically guided to a fish.

This gift made my family very happy. We were the poorest family in our village. My parents had eight children to feed and we had no land to plant rice. So when I came home from the river with a fish, everyone was very excited and we would have a big dinner. I knew that a powerful spirit was working through me.

Some years later I discovered that I have another gift. After my two children were born, I had terrible pain in my back and a strange ringing in my ears. Three of my fingers also became numb. Then, I found a wonderful book describing the ancient techniques of Thai medical massage. Those techniques were over 2,000 years old, but to me they were new and exciting. I studied those techniques and then I tried them on myself. Right away I found that I could put my hands on a area of discomfort, and if I felt very intently, I could pinpoint the problem and then almost magically massage the pain away.

Since then, I have devoted myself to learning and teaching the ancient wisdom of Medical Thai Massage. In Thailand I studied with the great masters and I also studied the original carving describing medical massage that are found on the temple at Wat Po. Over the past several years, I have adopted those ancient techniques to the needs of western massage practitioners and their clients.

This school has a simple mission: I want to share with other massage practitioners the ancient wisdom of Medical Thai Massage and show them how to heal their clients with safe, natural, holistic methods. I want to show my students the power that they hold in their hands and how to turn that power into a gift of the Divine.

Unsung Heroes of Compassion, 2001

Supron with Tibet's Dalai Lama, India, 2001

Frank Ostaseski, of San Francisco's Zen Hospice Project, far left, and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, center, share a laugh at a photo shoot before a ceremony honoring the Unsung Heroes of Compassion at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, Ca., on Wednesday, May 16, 2001. Seated to the Dalai Lama's immediate left is Kristen Fitzgerald, and to his right is Supron Mukomla. The event was held to honor 51 people from all over the world who have contributed through charity and daily acts of compassion toward others. (Photo by Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The San Francisco Chronicle) Photo: CARLOS AVILA GONZALEZ / SF (Read more)