Thai Massage
Guiding you to a successful career

The origins of Thai massage date back about 2,500 years. Classical Thai Massage is focused on maintaining health and vitality by relieving tension and encouraging energy flow in the body through the use of massage, pressure points, and assisted stretching.

At The School of Traditional Medical Thai Massage, we also specialize in a rare form of Thai Massage called "Jap Sen" (also known as Thai Medical Massage), which can be best understood as an equivalent to physical therapy, used to promote healing and recovery from various types of injuries, including repetitive motion injuries.

The courses we teach are based on the ancient medical wisdom discovered on the stone walls at Wat Po and on ancient palm-leaf manuscripts written in Pali and Sanskrit. Through study of these ancient texts and extensive practical experience, we bring you a deep and totally natural way to care for your body, mind and spirit.

Today, Medical Thai Massage is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the filed of alternative healing. In fact, thousands of people are eagerly searching for a qualified Medical Thai Massage therapist, but there are not enough qualified therapists to meet the demand. So this is now an excellent career opportunity.

Here is how the School of Traditional Medical Thai Massage will guide you to a successful career in the rapidly growing medical field: