Supron Mukomla

  An understanding of spiritual forces is very important for Supron Mukomla. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all connected by invisible energies. During a massage, this spiritual connection is noticeably stronger and more powerful. Through the use of touch and ancient Thai healing techniques, Supron can interpret the flow of energy of her client to find the most effective areas to work. As she presses along their body, she feels the tightness and pain in her clients, and soothes them with her own energy.

 There are some feelings that are difficult to put into words, but can easily become apparent through touch; the feeling of hands that type too much, the strain on a back from picking up something heavy, the soreness of your legs after a weekend of skiing. From her years of practice, Supron has learned to interpret the lingering effects of these injuries on the body’s energy and can usually tell clients the source of their pain, often before they reveal it themselves. When they ask how she is able to do it she usually just smiles and says “I can feel it.”

 Her spiritual healing powers have awarded her the title of “Ajan” or “teacher” in the Thai language. As a spiritual guide, Supron teaches her students to be responsible with their healing powers. The same powers that can heal, if done improperly, can also harm. This is why it is just as important to practice mindfulness for yourself as it is to practice for others. Clients may not always see that their masseuse is in a bad mood, but they certainly will feel it after a few minutes. During a session, a healer must manage their client’s pain, feel for any tensions they may have, and all while creating a calming and relaxing environment for their client. Supron’s students learn to control their spiritual energy so that they can be more confident and effective in their own practice.

 It is her hope that in the future there will be more healers, and more places used for the practice of love and kindness. Her practice is much more than a job, it is her spiritual truth, and you can feel that when you are in her care. For more than XX years she has traveled to many places, soothed many souls, and shown kindness to many strangers. Supron has developed many techniques to navigate the spiritual world and enjoys telling stories from her own experiences. She is a healer, a mother, a free spirit, and a teacher of loving and kindness.